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Are you dreaming about having beautiful and defined eyes? Would you like your eyes to always look perfect, pretty and defined?

Maybe you are tired of applying your makeup everyday, and constantly checking the mirror if your eyeliner makeup has not smudged and still looking nice after a few hours?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it means that permanent eye makeup is perfect for you! Permanent eyeliner makeup allows you to highlight your eyes and optically thicken the eyelash line. It is a great solution for everyone who appreciate comfort and wants to always look great and beautiful.



If you do not wear makeup every day, or if you want to delicately enhance the look of your eyes, you can choose an eyelash enhancement on either top or top and bottom eyelid. This type of eyeliner is very subtle and looks very natural. No one will notice permanent make-up, but everyone will notice how beautiful your eyes look and how thick and dark are your eyelashes!



Semi permanent eyeliner makeup can be more defined or stronger. If you like sharper and stronger makeup, you can opt for thin, medium or even thick eyeliner, or add a little flick to its outer corner. It will permanently enhance your eyes and you will always look spotless and ready to go out!



The bottom eyelid eyeliner can complete your eye make-up and make your eyes optically bigger. Not everyone likes defined line on the lower eyelid, so we could lightly smudge the darker colour between your lower eyelashes, for that soft barely there look.



This treatment should be postponed if :

  • you have a present viral infection,
  • you have diabetes or psoriasis in the treatment area,
  • you use eyelash growth treatments (it should be discontinued at least one month before your treatment),
  • you have eyelash extensions (eyelash extensions should be removed before your treatment),
  • you have any infections or eye conditions,
  • you’re pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • you take steroid medications.


Please inform us about any other conditions you have and any medications currently being taken.



Hydrate your skin properly, so it is not dry or flaky. If the skin around your eyes is sensitive, irritatated and puffy, you can take some arnica extract, to prevent bruising and puffiness. Don’t tint your eyelashes with henna or lash dye for a few days before the procedure.



Right after this procedure, your eyes may be slightly swollen and teary. The swelling, however, will not last long (maybe until the next day) and you can return to work and usual daily activities.

Immediately after your procedure, the colour will be more intense, stronger and thicker. This is normal and the intensity of your semi permanent makeup will fade about 50% to match the targeted result once healed.

For a few days after the treatment, the pigmented skin should be treated very gently.

For about 2 weeks after semi permanent eye makeup, you should avoid the following: swimming pool, spa and facial treatments, sauna and tanning.

Do not use eye shadows, eyeliner pencils and mascara. Apply recommended after care cream daily and follow the aftercare rules that you will receive after your appointment.

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