Eyelash extensions in Hertford

Eyelash extensions in Hertford Hertfordshire

 Wake up every morning with beautiful, drop dead gorgeous eyelashes!!

Are you dreaming about being able to sleep a little longer each morning and not having to spend so much time applying your eye make-up?

With individual eyelash extensions you don’t have to worry about your make-up on a rainy day, at a party, at a swimming pool or in a steam room. You can feel fresh and beautiful in every situation. By choosing the right set of individual eyelash extensions you can change the shape of your eyes and uplift your face giving it a younger appearance.

Don’t wait, makeover your eyes by transforming them with long, thick and glossy polished lashes. You can have the same natural looking and glamorous lashes as seen on Kim Kardashian. Madonna, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.

They look and feel so natural that you’ll have everyone guessing if they are real! Rest assured you’ll look and feel gorgeous!.

Please be aware that not all technicians have the same standards, check the quality of their work before booking your appointment. For this reason we do not infill/top-up eyelash extensions that were applied at a different salon. We use our own pictures, not pictures of other technicians or ”borrowed” from the internet and we pride ourselves in delivering the best service possible.

Regular Classic eyelash extensions
means there is one extension applied to one natural eyelash. Classic eyelash extensions are great for extending length, thickness and curl of your natural eyelashes. Application of classic eyelash extensions may take from 1-2 hours depending on a set.
All classic eyelash extensions sets can look as natural or fake as you wish. Each set of classic eyelash extensions varies by different number of lashes attached.

We offer 3 classic sets:
Classic set of 120 lashes ( taster set)
Classic set of 160 lashes (medium set)
Classic glam of 200 lashes (glam set)

Russian Volume eyelash extensions
means that there is more than one extension applied to one natural lash. 2D volume set of eyelash extensions has 2 extensions to natural lash, 4D has 4 extensions and 6D has 6 extensions on natural eyelash. Russian Volume eyelash extensions are super light and very fine and will not damage your natural lashes. Russian Volume eyelash extension sets will give very fluffy and denser effect. 2-3D is perfect for everyday wear where 4-6D is ideal for weddings, larger events, photo shoots or if you like that ”fuller” look. Application takes from 2-3 hours. Usually lashes used for volume should not be too long. 

We offer 4 Russian volume sets:
2D set
3D set
4D set
6D set

Length, curl and shape of the extensions are chosen during the appointment and depending on the strength of clients natural lashes, client’s facial features and their eye shape.

Lashes used for Russian Volume eyelash extensions are much finer than the classic extensions.

All sets can look as natural or fake as you wish, they only differ by having different number of lashes attached.

Please visit our Eyelash Extensions ”Which set is right for me” page if you need help with choosing which set of lashes is right for you or out FAQ’s page if you have any questions regarding eyelash extensions 🙂

When it comes to eyelash extensions, there is a lot of options and plenty technicians to choose from. Some technicians do extensions as their on the side service, while having a different full time jobs, and not wanting to spend much money to be trained, while other technicians do lashes every day, on regular basis, trying to get better and up to date with the latest trainings and techniques. While some lash technicians apply around 100 lashes per eye in their full sets, the others have their standard sets at 20-40 lashes per eye.Also some eyelash extensions technicians offer cluster lashes and call them individual eyelash extensions ( cluster lashes are not individual, they are placed on top of many natural lashes and should not be used with permanent glue), and of course the most important thing, some technicians separate each natural lash to apply lashes individually, while other technicians just drop the extension onto clients’ natural lashes to cut time and effort ( extensions are bonded to many natural lashes, disturbing the lash cycle and in result damaging client’s natural lashes). With sooo many different options, of course the cost of lash extensions will be different!

Cheap lash extensions seem very appealing, especially if you have to count every penny, but what price will you pay to save a few pounds.

1. Health of your eyelashes Each extension needs to be placed on each individual natural lash. This will allow each natural lash to grow and fall out as it normally would without eyelash extension. Your natural lashes are at different stages of growth cycle, some are still growing, other lashes are about to fall out, and if extensions are placed on many natural lashes, the growing lash will pull on the other lashes that it is glued to, ripping it out eventually (and like with waxing, pulled out hairs come back weaker and smaller or stop growing at all). The same thing happens if not properly trained technicians apply too thick and too long lashes, just because client asked for it. It is important to apply proper length and thickness of the extension, so clients natural lashes can handle them. They may be very thick and long for 2-4 months, but after that time there may be no lash available to apply extension to it.

2. Health and comfort of your eyes Lashes with or without eyelash extensions on them should be kept clean and should be washed daily. Daily cleansing of the eyelashes, eyelid and spaces between the lashes is very important, as not doing it can lead to overgrowing of bacteria which may cause blepharitis, eye infections etc. When there are big clumps of glue covering the lash, it is impossible to cleanse it, not washed eyes become itchy and red.. When extensions are applied properly, with lashes properly separated, when appropriate lengths and thickness were used to suit your natural lashes, you should not feel them on at all, eyelash extensions shouldn’t feel heavy, you should not feel any pain or pulling, or have red or sore eyelids.

3. Higher maintenance charges In-fills need to be booked more often While cheap extensions are appealing, a sparse set of extensions will need to be infilled much sooner. Average loss of natural eyelashes is between 1-5 lashes a day, this means that 35 extensions per eye set could be gone in 1 to 2 weeks time. Do you have the time and money to book your infill appointment every week?

4. Your look Usually technician applying the cheap set of extensions will apply the same length, thickness and curl of extensions from inner corner through the middle to the outer corner of your eye, maybe will use 2 lengths. Very rarely the shape of your eye or your face is being considered when choosing the shape that should be created with extensions, and you may end up looking like you are wearing a set of strip lashes with very uncomfortable bits brushing against your skin/eyebrows.

So, before you book your appointment compare the pictures, make sure technicians are using their own photos, not pictures they stole from the internet, have a closer look at the lashes – if they are facing the same direction or fan out nicely that means there is no lashes stuck to each other with thick layer of glue… and if someone tells you not to have them done because they hurt and that they will damage your eyes, please don’t listen to them.. Good technicians charge more for their skill and quality of their work.


We offer eyelash extensions in classic and Russian volume application. We are located in Hertford Hertfordshire, but easily accessible from  various locations in Essex, Welwyn Garden City, North London, Cambridgeshire, Hertford, Epping, Bishop’s Stortford, Loughton, Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Goffs Oak, Ware, Theydon Bois, Nazeing, Cuffley, Hoddesdon, Stanstead Abbots, Great Amwell, Tewin UK.

Our individual eyelash extension treatments are offered to all Clients. We are located in Hertford Hertfordshire, but easily accessible from various locations in: Hatfield, Hertford, Epping, Welwyn Garden City, Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Nazeing, Roydon, Hoddesdon, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, Sawbridgeworth, Puckeridge, Standon, Stevenage, Harpenden, St. Albans, Potters Bar, Goff’s Oak, Enfield, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Little Hadham, Theydon Bois, Loughton, Bishop’s Stortford, Welwyn, Sheering, Northaw, London.