Beauty treatments in Hertford

Beauty treatments in Hertford Hertfordshire


xxkdhb-2We are fully qualified, accredited and insured, a member of The Guild of Beauty Therapist.

Justyna has been trained by the great masters within the permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation industry: Tracy Simpson, Alan Spadone, Rusen Donmez, as well as Chuni Beaulo, Moshe Alul and Victoria Tomashivskaya.

She also attended number of eyelash extensions training courses with international masters including: Nelly Soimina, Hanna Putjato, Ina Adamovich and Agnieszka Kwiatkowska.

As well as making you look beautiful and confident, we are very careful when it comes to your safety.

You don’t need to worry about infections or blood born pathogens as we use 100% disposable tools, needles and cartridges. To receive daily updates, special offers and info about cancellations, please follow us on social media. Our beauty salon offers professional beauty treatments.


Welcome to my site. I am a fully qualified Permanent Makeup, Medical Micro-pigmentation and Eyelash Extensions specialist, based in Hertford, Hertfordshire, near Essex and London. I have been trained by Tracey Simpson and Natural Enhancement, as well as other international trainers including Alan Spadone and Rusen Donmez. Whether you are interested in professional permanent makeup, aesthetic micro-pigmentation or eyelash extensions service and training, I am happy to help you. I am a eyelash extensions master trainer and have been teaching the art of classic foundation, classic advanced and the Russian volume eyelash extensions. 

Please, take the time to browse through the website and check out the permanent eyebrow, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip and eyelash extensions before and after pictures in the Photo Gallery pages, as well as many reviews that we have received from our clients on the Reviews page. If you would like to have an Eyelash Extensions Treatment but you are unsure which set of lashes you would like please visit Which Set section on the Eyelash Extensions page, where you can find different options, pictures and descriptions of the lash extension sets that we offer.



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