Semi permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

It is very rare to have a perfect eyebrow shape. Many women complain that their eyebrows are uneven, not symmetrical, too thin, of a wrong shape or the hair is just missing in some places being overplucked for years.

Shaping of the eyebrows, tinting, drawing their shape with a pencil or powder are short-term and have to be repeated every day. Do you find yourself struggling with keeping your eyebrows looking good?

Are you afraid not to smudge or wipe your drawn-on eyebrows during the day, on holiday or by the pool?

Have you lost your brow hair due to improper depilation?

Thanks to semi-permanent makeup, you can restore the natural shape of your eyebrows, to naturally highlight and lift your eyes.

Semi-permanent eyebrows can be created with different methods: hair strokes or powder shading.


This method gives the look of a delicate powder shadow within your new chosen shape. We will first draw the template of the eyebrow with a pencil for your approval. The powder shading makes the eyebrows look natural very natural. It beautifully blends into eyebrow hair and perfectly complements the eyebrows and highlights its shape.


Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can also be created with the hair stroke method, also known as a feathering, brush-stroke and hair to hair technique.

What is the hair stroke or feathering technique?

A very fine strokes that imitate a clients’ natural hair are tattooed in with a digital machine, to create very fine curved lines that mimic the look of the natural eyebrow hair. The very precise drawing of the hair in the eyebrows is done by a super fine nano single needles, this technique makes the eyebrows look extremely natural.


Not everyone can have permanent makeup. The treatment should be postponed if:

  • you have a present viral infection,
  • you have diabetes that is not under control or psoriasis in the treatment site,
  • you had botox injection in the last two weeks
  • you are pregnant or breast feeding,
  • you take steroid medications.

Before booking your consultation please inform us about any diseases, conditions and medications currently being taken.


Did you know that it is best not to depilate your eyebrows for about 1 month before your permanent eyebrow makeup procedure?

Let your eyebrows grow back as much as you can and become natural, then it will be easier for us to assess what your natural shape of eyebrows is.

We will be able to offer you the shape of the eyebrows that will suit you best. Please also remember to look after your skin. If the skin around the eyebrows is dry and flaky, exfoliate and moisturize your skin daily. If you have an oily skin type – exfoliate and clean it before the permanent makeup procedure. Well-prepared skin absorbs the pigment better and your permanent makeup will be lasting for longer.


Immediately after semi permanent eyebrows procedure the skin may be slightly swollen or red. It is normal and doesn’t last long. Semi permanent eyebrows immediately after the treatment look stronger and darker. This is perfectly normal, your enhancement will be getting lighter gradually to the targeted colour as your skin heals. It takes between 4-6 weeks for your skin to renew properly, and during that time we are not able to touch up your eyebrows, as this will disrupt the healing process. Second visit, so called touch up or control procedure will be done after 4-6 weeks, during this appointment the shape and colour are corrected (if needed) and the eyebrows are perfected.

After your semi permanent eyebrow makeup, you need to take care of the skin around your eyebrows. You should not:

  • wash the skin with normal tap water and soap,
  • rub, pick or touch pigmented skin,
  • avoid tanning, swimming pools, any spa treatments.
  • We will give you proper written aftercare instructions that will help you look after your new eyebrows.

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