Permanent eyebrows tattoo makeup Bishop’s Stortford

If you are looking for a permanent makeup on eyebrows in Bishop’s Stortford area you are in the right place. We offer permanent eyebrow tattoo in Hertford Hertfordshire which is only a short drive away from Bishop’s Stortford.

Permanent makeup 3D eyebrow tattoo.
Permanent makeup offers great flexibility. It is limited by only by your imagination and skills of the permanent makeup artist. A skilled make-up technician, who uses various techniques of pigmentation, like hair strokes and shading and can mix pigments to colour match client’s skin tone and their hair colour will create a natural and realistic looking 3D effect permanent eyebrows. The effect of the 3D eyebrows is very popular and desired by many women. It looks beautiful and nicely shaped eyebrows do add the character to woman’s appearance.

Hairstroke permanent eyebrows and microblading
There are many techniques of permanent eyebrow makeup. With the machine hair stroke method, the permanent eyebrows will last around 2-5 years and the eyebrows can be performed on the ladies with oily or combination skin. With the microblading the eyebrows will last around the year and it is not recommended for those with oily or combination skin as the strokes will blur and pigment will migrate.

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