How to choose individual eyelash extensions?

Individual eyelashes Bishop’s Stortford

Are you dreaming about being able to sleep a little longer each morning and not having to spend so much time applying your eye make-up?

With individual eyelash extensions you don’t have to worry about your make-up on a rainy day, at a party, at a swimming pool or in a steam room. You can feel fresh and beautiful in every situation. By choosing the right set of individual eyelash extensions you can change the shape of your eyes and uplift your face giving it a younger appearance.

Don’t wait, makeover your eyes by transforming them with long, thick and glossy polished lashes. You can have the same natural looking and glamorous lashes as seen on Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.

Individual eyelashes always look and feel so natural. That is why you’ll have everyone guessing if they are real! Rest assured you’ll look and feel gorgeous! That is because our experts in professional eyelash extensions, permanent make up and aftercare solutions always know what to do to make you feel good.

Our beauty salon offers you a variety of best quality individual eyelash extensions for Clients from Bishop’s Stortford, its surroundings and other locations in the UK including, for instance, London, Hatfield, Hertford, St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Enfield, Epping, Luton, Reading, Essex county, East England.


How to choose the right set, type and shape of eyelash extensions to complement your eye shape and fit in your lifestyle?




There are three main types of eyelash extensions:

  • Strip lashes (that you can apply yourself at home and take off in the evening before going to bed),

  • Cluster or flare lashes (party lashes that can last from one day up to 2 weeks and have to be taken off after that time, otherwise if left on may cause a permanent damage to your natural lashes.)

  • Individual eyelash extensions also called semi-permanent eyelash extensions are single eyelashes that are applied individually to each of your own natural lash. There are classic and Russian volume individual eyelash extensions.

They come in different shapes and curls. We only use lashes that are curly B, C, D and L shapes and lengths between 7-14mm as longer lashes would touch your eyebrows and irritate skin around your eye area. By using more curly lashes we can achieve more lift, also curly lashes are more visible than the straight extensions.

Length, curl and shape
Length, curl and shape of the extensions are chosen during the appointment and depending on the strength of clients natural lashes, client’s facial features and their eye shape. Lashes used for Russian Volume eyelash extensions are much finer than the classic extensions. All sets can look as natural or fake as you wish, they only differ by having different number of lashes attached.

Regular Classic eyelash extensions means there is one extension applied to one natural eyelash. Classic eyelash extensions are great for extending length, thickness and curl of your natural eyelashes. Application of classic eyelash extensions may take from 1-2 hours depending on a set. All classic eyelash extensions sets can look as natural or fake as you wish. Each set of classic eyelash extensions varies by different number of lashes attached. We offer 3 classic sets:

Classic set of 120 lashes (taster set)

Classic set of 160 lashes (medium set)
Classic glam of 200 lashes (glam set)

Russian volume eyelash extensions means that there is more than one extension applied to one natural lash. 2D volume set of eyelash extensions has 2 extensions to natural lash, 4D has 4 extensions and 6D has 6 extensions on natural eyelash. Russian Volume eyelash extensions are super light and very fine and will not damage your natural lashes. Russian Volume eyelash extension sets will give very fluffy and denser effect. 2-3D is perfect for everyday wear where 4-6D is ideal for weddings, larger events, photo shoots or if you like that ”fuller” look. Application takes from 2-3 hours. Usually lashes used for volume should not be too long. We offer 4 russian volume sets: 2D set, 3D set, 4D set, 6D set.

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