Hertford permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo

If you are looking for a permanent makeup on eyebrows in Hertford Hertfordshire area you are in the right place.
We offer permanent eyebrow tattoo in Hertford Hertfordshire and we are located in the town center near Sainsburys, in the Maxin Porcaro hair and beauty.

Eyebrows are the very important part of the face, they decide on its appearance and character. They have a great impact on whether we will look attractive and feel comfortable. Poor appearance and shape of the eyebrows, or the wrong shape, or the total lack of the hairs can be fixed in different ways. One of them next to waxing and tinting is permanent makeup either hair stroke or shading techniques.

Hair stroke Permanent makeup on the eyebrows is really natural looking and can be used to correct misshapen eyebrows or when we lack the brow hairs. It allows to thicken the density in areas where we have little hair. Thickening of the eyebrows can be performed on women as well as on men. The effects are so natural that you cannot tell or the drawn and tattooed hair strokes. This method also allows to restore the lost hairs in the eyebrow, for example when the hairs are missing after injuries or if they were overplucked for years and they stopped growing back. It gives the most spectacular results in case of reconstruction of missing eyebrows for example with alopecia clients.

People who for various reasons lost their natural eyebrow hairs, can have them permanently restored thanks to the permanent makeup. Burn victims, ladies after chemotherapy, alopecia clients can have their eyebrows tattooed on permanently to improve their appearance and the quality of life. Permanent makeup looks natural, does not smudge and is always in place.

Which method is better, hair strokes or shading?
Neither is better, they are different so it is up to the client’s expectations, one will prefer a soft powder shading and the other will like the hair strokes. You can also chose a combination of both. The hair strokes look very natural but is not recommended for clients with oily or combination skin type. But soft shading or ombre may look as natural, like if you filled your eyebrows with a soft powder shadow, with blurred edges. So if you would like a natural and discreet makeup you can decide to have either of methods, in case if you prefer more defined and sharper look, have a look at block colour eyebrow permanent makeup.

For more information please visit the section on our website dedicated to permanent makeup. If you are also interested in other beauty treatments we offer state of the art eyelash extensions in classic and Russian volume application.